Branding & Identity

Silvermoss has extensive experience in creating visual design and brand frameworks for individuals, companies and products. Turn to us when planning your next launch or re-branding initiative.

Building your brand is critical. Silvermoss is your secret weapon.


Why choose Silvermoss to help build your brand?

For over a decade, Silvermoss has been helping companies and individuals develop their branding, identity and visual frameworks. We bring a seasoned mastery of design, storytelling and business strategy to craft compelling and comprehensive brand platforms for your product, service or organization. Our clients come to us time and again for our knowledge, experience and counsel in planning, designing and authoring comprehensive guidelines that become an invaluable asset to their internal corporate marketing teams.

Brand management is not just for large companies.

It’s something that anyone looking to grow a business must consider. Whether you are branding yourself, a product, service or company, you need a strategic vision, message, and image to embody it. Many people approach brand management as a fire drill exercise, with the idea that they will address it when the need is present. Without strategic planning, businesses are at risk of wasting valuable budget dollars on short-sighted solutions and potentially failing altogether. It’s a costly mistake to learn, but ask any entrepreneur or seasoned marketing executive.

Brand standards and visual design guidelines are not fluff.

Well-conceived brand guidelines are the cornerstone of good brand management. They help organizations keep their brand image, message and vision in alignment. If you think you just need a logo, some fonts and some colors to get your business going, just wait until countless resources get their hands on your marketing deliverables — and decide to put their “stamp” on it. Things get out of hand really fast and you find yourself with a branding nightmare. Silvermoss will give you the tools to control your brand properly from every foreseeable aspect.

Core Offerings & Solutions:

  • Logotype, Brandmark & Identity Design
  • Brand Guidelines & Visual Standards Development
  • Marketing & Channel Strategy / Consulting
  • Brand naming, creation & development
  • Trademark Research & Registration
  • Content & Messaging Development
  • Color Palette Formulation & Development
  • Typography & Font Design & Schematics
  • Custom Icons & Information Graphics (Infographics)
  • Custom Photography & Imagery Usage Guidelines