Social Media

The sea of social media is vast, and it’s wise to choose a partner that can navigate the waters. Let Silvermoss develop, maintain and promote the right channels for you with fresh, relevant content that increases customer engagement.

Not every social media channel is right for your business. Let Silvermoss develop a social media marketing strategy that’s right for your brand.


Don’t just populate. Participate.

The prospect of using social media to promote and grow your business can be daunting. It takes continuous management, strategic planning and thought to make it meaningful. Anyone can populate posts, tweets, imagery and video. The idea is to invite participation and promote conversation about your brand or company in an interactive way that makes the consumer part of the story. Let Silvermoss develop your social media strategy by selecting relevant channels and creating content that is designed specifically to engage your audience.

Swim in the right pools.

We see it all the time, but some companies want to get on a social media platform just because it’s “popular” or “because everyone else is doing it”. While it is critical for a restaurant or retail store to be on Facebook or Twitter, it would make little sense for a law firm to be. Swimming in the right social media pools will help enhance your business. Other channels are simply a waste of time and effort. Let Silvermoss help your brand or organization choose the right social media channels and create a tangible approach to developing meaningful content.

Make it relevant and timely.

Timely, relevant content is critical to social media engagement. Being intuitive and having perspective on your brand, product or company is imperative. Do your research and be aware of outside events, conditions and trends that may have impact on your brand. Ask provocative questions, post insightful tips and relate to your audience. Different angles and paradigms bring dimensionality to your content and keep users interested. posted the Top 20 Social Media Tips to Rule in 2014, but these essentials will have merit for time to come.

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